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Each type of file has a pre-established program that opens it, and a series of options in the context menu that appears when you right-click it. Still, you often need other options, or may want to change the default program used to open a certain file.

That's where Default Programs Editor comes in. It's an application with a simple interface in the style of an assistant that allows you to change the menus associated with each type of file, including the icon it displays, the program that opens it, autoplay, and much more.

Default Programs Editor offers three essential modifications: changing file association settings, modifying autoplay settings, and modifying default programs. The last two are not available for XP.

The first and most important feature of the program allows you to change the context menu actions associated with a given file extension, the file type's icon, and its description.

The Autoplay Settings option helps you to modify the frequent action list that appears when you connect an external drive, while Default Programs Settings allows you to change the file associations of Windows accessories.

Default Programs Editor is very easy to use, as it employs a wizard that guides you through some simple steps to help you adapt the context menu to fit your needs.
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